Become a Spigen Rewards member! Start protecting with us and unlock new rewards and perks.


Every $1 you spend at, as well as many other actions will give you points for that next perk.


Use your points to redeem rewards and enjoy exclusive perks that come with being a loyal member.



Spigen credit



Spigen credit



Spigen credit


Spigen Rewards Day: Twice a year Spigen will launch exclusive events for our Elite and Executive members.


Collect your points!

Points per dollar ratio

15 points per dollar spent

EXECUTIVE(2000+ pts)

12 points per dollar spent

ELITE(1000-1999 pts)

10 points per dollar spent

MEMBER(0-999 pts)

Birthday points

300 points for birthday

EXECUTIVE(2000+ pts)

200 points for birthday

ELITE(1000-1999 pts)

100 points for birthday

MEMBER(0-999 pts)

Get it faster

We provide discounted expedited shipping for our Elite and Executive members, because waiting for that brand new case is always a drag.

ELITE: 50% off Domestic Priority Shipping.

EXECUTIVE: FREE Domestic Priority Shipping.

-$10 off any International Shipping

Seasonal Coupon

Every season we provide our Elite and Executive members with reward coupons so that our members can have some fresh new gears for the upcoming season.

Executive Care Team

We’ve created a dedicated team for our biggest fans who have reached the Executive status. This team will personally handle anything from warranty service to answering all your questions.

Hassle-free return

We know returning something can be stressful, so we made that process as easy as possible with our new return system.

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Any more questions?

We've got the answers in our FAQ.

Spigen Reward FAQ